Sunday, April 23, 2006

My very first Blog, ever...

So... I wonder - what makes me start Blogging?

Is it just to experiment with what seems to be a new idea? Is it simply to "experience the pleasure of Blogging" as many put it? Is it with the intention of making my thoughts and opinions reach people? Is it one way to spend free time in what seems to be a meaningful activity?

Perhaps, it is all this and a lot more...

I will compose side-by-side technical BLOGs where I share some learning and experience - especially that gained from my work and from Codeguru - you should find these through my profile link.

This BLOG itself is going to discuss me (sounds narcissist, ehh? I agree!), interesting people I meet, as well as my pursuits in hobbies like photography, driving, travelling, etc.

Welcome to my Blog, folks! Feel free to share your comments...
Keep watching this space for stuff from me!


Siddhartha Rao
Microsoft MVP - Visual C++
Codeguru Community Moderator