Monday, May 08, 2006

Some nice meetings to talk of...

I've been a member of a popular programming bulletin board (online, of course) called Codeguru for some time now. It all started about 3 years back when I had some queries, and posted them here. As time passed, I became a contributor of solutions too, and in general - started enjoying this community. Eventually, I got recognized by Microsoft and some doors opened.

It does seem that lady luck was going strong on me (perhaps, I did work long on her ;) ) and I had the pleasure of meeting some really nice people (MVPs and otherwise) whom I knew of online - in person.

Rather than delve deep into the individual meetings again, let me just take you to the threads that discuss these developments -

I have also had the pleasure of meeting MVPs during regional Microsoft meet, and that was a wonderful experience too.

That's a lot of reading for now.


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