Monday, December 18, 2006

Visitors from Palo Alto...

I guess she would squirm at the thought of me calling her a visitor to Heidelberg... :)

It was wonderful meeting Simone after a gap of almost 6 months. We spent the Saturday evening together catching up on all the lost time and philosophising on human tendencies, attitudes and ethics. Apart from all this talking, we also did some serious power-shopping for her. This is also when she conveyed the all-apparent-yet-unknown-to-me bit of information that apparel shops had items sorted by color - something that I had never realized before - so much for my outstanding genes when it comes to shopping (pun intended)!

Dinner was at a nice restaurant in Hauptstra├če (Main Street) of Heidelberg. Our beautiful window table attracted more than one visitor that would peep into the restaurant to see god-knows-what!

In spite of Simone having been awake for 24 hours thanks to the jet lag, and me having got little sleep thanks to the Christmas Party and having lumbered wood that morning, we still managed to have a coherent conversation - quite an achievement, actually!

There are some people who are perpetually interesting and always fun to meet - Simone is certainly one of them.

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