Sunday, March 11, 2007

Seattle... First impressions...

Rainy and Overcast - first things that came to my mind as I land in Seattle, Washington.

The flight to Seattle was particularly weird. My American Airlines aircraft was at times withering like a leaf in a storm and at moments seem to be surfing (imaginary) waves with the skills of an experienced surf-boarder. As AA served neither breakfast nor snacks (those could be purchased if they hadn't been oversold) and offered the passengers something to drink - but only once, the flight in a S80 (no, it is not a Volvo) was a real queasy experience.

However, every dark cloud has a silver lining (or so I believe) and the S80 gave me some splendid views of Canada...

View of Canada from my window seat

As I had nobody sitting next to me to talk to, I spent my time reading "The Deadline" - a book that gives a very good insight into Management Principles from a funnily cynical perspective.

Microsoft has arranged for excellent accommodations in this truly world class hotel - I have no regrets in choosing The Westin in downtown Seattle. Lunch is an Italian Risotto at a neigbouring restaurant with a couple of Excel MVPs (the waitress surprised us by asking where we are put up - a surprise that got later explained when she offered Bruchettos - allegedly sponsored by The Westin - who's complaining?)

In a few moments (hopefully) Guido will be ready for a power-walk in downtown Seattle, followed by a power-dinner. Marius and Brad cannot be traced, and other MVPs from Codeguru are scattered all over town.

The view from my desk as I compose this post is excellent... The Space Needle is right in front of me, and the bay is to the left...

Daytime view of the Space Needle from my room

This is the room with a view!

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