Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sleepless in Seattle...

It would not be fair to blame the jet lag for any amount of sleeplessness that I experience out here. The excitement and thrill in being part of such a wonderful international event is more likely to be at blame!

Yesterday, eight of us MVPs who come from different parts of the world and knew about each other online - via Codeguru finally met in person. This is a wonderful feeling and always makes me feel thankful for the opportunities the digital world provides!

In the evening, we took a walk to the Pike Market and as we sat down at a public square overlooking the bay, I decide to pen my greetings down on postcards to be sent to friends and loved ones the world over...

My late-evening plans included a party for delegates from the EMEA in the Grand Ball Room at the Sheraton. I was not only impressed by the quality wine and vegetarian food (something that impresses me only once in a blue moon when visiting the US) but also by the thoughtful organization that had installed Billiard Boards and Table Soccer games for the attendants to enjoy!

I must be some sort of a Table Soccer exponent out here for I ended my day with about 20 straight wins. A Table-Soccer MVP at last - ha!

The day had been eventful and enriching to say the least - what with all the interesting people I met and the experiences. This much excitement can naturally not be put to sleep at the turn of a knob. We were the last people to leave the ballroom (believe me - more than half the tables had been turned upside down when we left) and I reached my room-with-a-spectacular-view at midnight...

View from my desk as I compose this post

I make a meek attempt at sleeping while bracing myself for what will inevitably be another enriching day - one that starts with a speech from the Chairman of Microsoft - Bill Gates.

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