Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Christmas 2006 Lunch with Fred and Hildegard in Bad Kreuznach

25th December started with a drive (wow, what a way to start any day!) to Bad Kreuznach. This quaint little town used to be at its helm in the days when its saline baths were doing good business, and is now a pleasant, quite place that Hildegard lives in. Her home was very well appointed, and her liking for metal is visible in the choice of most artifacts, decorations and even lighting fixtures.

I reached her home to see Fred and her brother already present. We started with a Sherry and proceeded to lunch that started with a nice soup. Lunch for me was a a thoughtfully prepared vegetarian meal.

After the lunch, Hildegard took us to a walking tour of Bad Kreuznach and explained the history of the town and its associations with the saline baths that had once upon a time drawn people to this place. The baths are not much in business today, and people are allowed a free entry in areas that earlier required one to buy a ticket.

We returned to her residence for a nice projector slide-show of her visit to South India. Wow, what a lovely country I come from. The more I saw of it, the tougher became waiting for my forthcoming trip to India, less than 3 weeks away. However, the tasty Apfelkuchen did make for good accompaniment.

I took their leave at around 17:00 to be home in time before leaving for my visit to Stuttgart, some slices of Apfelkuchen in tow – that probably made me forget the beautiful Christmas gift from her!

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