Friday, February 23, 2007

Sleep O' Sleep - Why do you evade me?

The early morning flight from Bangalore did not mean that I could get sleep before my return flight to Frankfurt. We decided to wake up early the days after and on a Sunday visit the Siddhivinayaka Temple in Mumbai.

I must say that the stall-keepers (hawkers, really) who provide flowers and take care of the chappals outside the temple are simply terrible. First off, they almost force the visitors and coerce them into using their services. They also destroy the peace and solitude that one expects in places such as these. I don't know why the Temple Trust does nothing about such events? A cartel - is that it?

Anyways, we got our blessings and I spent the rest of the day with my sister completing my shopping list. It was also our way of spending time with each other discussing all and sundry - after all, on the weekdays she is too busy with travel and work for us to spend time talking. I guess this is how things will be for some years to come, at the least. After all, she is not the little kid that's studying anymore. Okay, I might still dispute the 'kid' part of that sentence!

Returned home, finished packing for my flight - I was destined to get no sleep tonight as well as we had to leave home early around 05:30 am for the AI 127 BOM - FRA flight scheduled at 08:05 am on the 19th Feb.

Hmmm... My stay in India has come to an end... I have already started thinking about when to return...

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