Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The reception…

The Reception was nice. My friend Swapna Srinivasan looked pretty as usual, but this time stunning too! She probably would have woken up way too early in the morning to get ready for the ceremonies in the day time, and the reception in the evening. She looked stunning too, to say the least.

As it is with receptions, one needs to wait in a long queue to meet the new couple only to get a minute with them! My minute was well spent and it was good exchanging a comment or two with Vijay Belur, the pilot that Swapna has chosen for a life-mate. I handed the gift over, requested a photo (of course, I had to – that's part of the reward for waiting in a long queue!), wished them the best and proceeded to dinner.

Dinner was tasty with salads, puris, vegetables, a preparation of rice, papads, and two sweets.

I end my day bracing myself to wake up early the next morning that I can make it to the wedding ceremonies on time for the Muhurtham scheduled at 08:25 am.

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