Friday, February 23, 2007

End of my visit to Bangalore -- Feb 2007

On the 15th, I return home at midnight from the Wedding Party hosted by Swapna and Vijay at Bowring's Club. It was quite nice - food or drinks apart, I like parties when one gets to meet people with an interesting perspective.

A good night's sleep was to be a distant dream. Not only had I to complete packing for my flight to Bombay, but the scheduled departure at 05:55 am meant that I had to leave for the airport by around 04:00 am.

Having resigned myself to thoughts of not getting to sleep that night - I thought it was a good time to reflect on the week spent at Bangalore. Other than the events already discussed, I was happy about having met my childhood friend Vinay who is now happily married to Prajakta. She is quite a cheerful soul and complements Vinay well. Lunch at their home was tasty, and we discussed one interesting issue too many.

I also spent time with Riju and Arathi. We first had a few drinks at the Tavern Pub in Church Street and later managed to order more food than we could consume at the Museum Inn Restaurant. Riju comes to Germany this Sunday, but I'd be in Paris with Adrian for the Chinese New Year's Celebrations. Hope to see him in the week that follows.

In Bangalore, I could also sense the prosperity and buzz in what was once a quaint "pensioner's paradise". 20-somethings now drive big cars and spend big money. Money is everywhere. 3 €s for a beer is quite the norm.

My flight to Bombay was an Air Deccan that left on time. Deccan has pioneered the no-frills airlines business in India, allowing people to travel huge distances in this huge country in little time and on an affordable budget. The flight left and landed on perfect time - something that Air India cannot achieve on this side of the planet!

As I arrive home in Bombay, I get a fleeting feeling that my vacation in India with family is coming to an end. It is an all-too-familiar feeling of knowing that I'd be flying back to Germany soon with little idea of when I'd return.

It is a déja-vu, but the pain nevertheless is just as strong...

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