Wednesday, February 21, 2007

In Bangalore, the last leg of my vacations…

I try making it a point to return to the city I started my career with – once upon a time, Bangalore was that fortunate quaint town blessed with great weather and a good life. Today, it is a citizen's nightmare. My flight landed in Bangalore on the 9th Feb 2007 – pretty uneventful save for an airhostess who giggled every time she saw me. She could not complete her safety instructions mime-routine correctly, and finally said it – you are making me laugh. What's my fault in having a puzzled expression on my face while she recommends using the underside of the seat cushion (yes, the foamy cushion) as a life-saver when in water?

Anyways, the drive back from the airport to Malleshwaram that is about 9 kms away took 2 hours. It speaks volumes for what IT has done to this erstwhile quaint city – everyone who is anyone has a car. The city is bursting at its seams.

Like always, spending time with my cousins is high on the agenda – as is attending Swapna's wedding.

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