Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Swapna weds Vijay - A South Indian Tamil Wedding

I am the last person on this planet (as of today) who likes early morning meetings arranged at places that are a good 1 hour of travel away. But, wedding chants are cited on auspicious times and not those convenient to sleepy geeks. Swapna's Muhurtha was scheduled for around 08:00 at Jaynagar (Bangalore). I am proud to say that I wasthere on time to witness the holy union of husband and wife.

Te breakfast served was tasty, but the piece de resistance was lunch. Served on a Banana leaf, I counted 18 items, including 3 deserts. Having lived in the west for so long now, I wondered if I had forgotten the art of eating from a leaf with my fingers. My concern was more than accentuated by a middle-aged lady who kept looking at me (other opinions state that these ladies are constantly on a match-making spree and a look usually means an evaluation, LOL!), however I finished my meal with my plate (oops, leaf) clean – something I was really proud of!

I left after lunch after sharing a word or two with the Bride, and her mother and the pilot - for I also had to meet a Pasu a while later.

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