Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sylvester (New Year's Eve) 2006 with Henning and Lynne in Heidelberg

Lynne and Henning have returned from vacations a day back and have invited some friends over to New Year's Eve celebrations with them. The deal was that all participants bring something along – the inviting couple also took care of the drinks (that brings to my mind memories of a wonderful cocktail evening that their house-warming party was).

I was busy all day long but managed to take along a traditional preparation of potatoes that are spicy, yet not burning hot. To compensate for the burning hot factor, I took along an Indian Snack that was burning in the true sense of the word! An accompanying couple had brought a preparation of mixed vegetables along, and we had pasta and meat balls to boot. When presented a choice of wines (Red / White), I chose the White, and never regretted it. The wine was wonderful and complemented the dinner very well.

Around midnight we took a stroll over a high-lying road to get a better view of people bursting crackers. The weather played spoil-sport but the fireworks more than made up for it. As the clock struck midnight, we wished each other the best for the year to come and slowly walked our way back. Champagne after all was waiting on us!

Drinks were followed by a game that I didn't know of – each of us picked a trinket made of lead that was to be melted on a candle and the molten form be dropped into water. The form the molten metal took once it froze in water was to be compared against a table that specified the fortunes of the possessor in the year to come! My fortunes were not impressive to be modest, and my rational self quickly took over – it is a game after all.

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